Noble Collection


Quest for the Ring. Noble 9900

Three Black Riders on a wooden plint, carrying a plexiglass sphere with the Ring in it.*

Bilbo Baggins figurine. Noble


Noble Collection, 2012. NN1203. 5"/12 cm high bronze figurine of Bilbo, Sting drawn.*

Gandalf bronze statue. Noble


Noble Collection, 2012. NN1208. 8"/20 cm high. Bronze statue of Gandalf.*

Thorin bronze statue. Noble


Noble Collection, 2012. NN1205. Bronze statue of Thorin Oakenshield. 7"/17 cm high.*

Gandalf the Grey Staff Candle Holder. Noble 2267

Made of coldcast porcelain, this is the top of the staff of Gandalf the Grey. On top is a glass, in which you can place a candle or incense burner. 10"/23 cm high.*

Saruman's Staff Candle Holder. Noble 7165

Metal candleholder in the shape of the top of Saruman's staff. In the glass on top you can place a candle or incense. 10"/26 cm high.*

Elven picture frame. Noble 2671

Enamelled metal. 6x5"/13x12 cm.*

Galadriel's photoframe. Noble 2691

Enameled metal. 8x5"/19x13 cm.*

Wizards Sculpture: Gandalf and Saruman. Noble 9129

Pewter statue of Gandalf and Saruman doing battle in Orthanc. In between the palantír with the Ring wrapped around it. 12x11"/30x27 cm. Limited to 2000 pieces.*

Middle-earth Treasure Chest. Noble 2164

Made of hardwood, this cabinet has 6 drawers on the front (each inlayd with red velvet) and a central cubboard with mirrored walls to hang Arwen's pendant in. On top a display cabinet with a frosted glass lid, which can be locked. The chest is decorated with metal ornaments and fittings, symbolizing Arwen's Evenstar pendant. 16x13x7"/40x33x17 cm.*

Lothlórien Candle Holder. Noble 9641

The exquisite spiral staircase and arches of the Lothlorien palace are recreated in this beautiful candle holder. The frosted glass top holds a variety of candle sizes and can be used to hold water and floating candles. 10 inches/25 cm in height.*

Mirkwood cell key

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Noble, 2013. Metal replica of the key Bilbo uses to free the dwarves from the Elven cells in Mirkwood. 7.5"/20 cm long. In a decorated box.*

Thorin's key. Noble

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Noble, 2013. Metal replica of Thorin's key to the Lonely Mountain. In a wooden giftbox with glass lid. The key is 5.5"/13 cm large.*

Bilbo and Gollum bookend

Noble, 2013. Faux-bronze sculpture of Bilbo fighting off Gollum. 8"/20 cm.*

Dwarves bookend

Noble, 2013. Faux-bronze figurine of all thirteen dwarves. 7"/19 cm high.*

Smaug Incense Burner

Noble, 2015. Finely detailed Smaug, 10"/25 cm high and handpainted. Place the incense (not included) inside the diecast zinc base, put the dragon on top of it and watch the smoke coming out of his mouth.*