Bilbo Baggins button

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Bilbo’s Brass Button is an exquisite replica of the original acorn buttons created by the 3Foot7 Costume Department for actor Martin Freeman’s costume.

Each button is manufactured in Wellington, New Zealand - spincast from 99% pure zinc and electroplated in an antique brass finish and then buffed and lacquered.

The button diameter is 0.8 in (20 mm) and features a shank on the back for easy attachment to your waistcoat. Just make sure to fasten each button meticulously to avoid losing them all when squeezing through tight spots...

Each button comes mounted on a backing card inside a zip-loc bag.*

Elven brooch

Replica in sterling silver and green enamel of the coatpin the Fellowship receives in Lórien. 3x1.5"/7x4.5 cm.*

Elven brooch - silverplated

Made in Italy, this version is silverplated and enameled. 3"/7 cm.*

Thranduil's brooch

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Noble. Silverplated brooch of king Thranduil. 4x3"/9.5x8 cm. In a decorated box.*

Lothlórien Leaf pin (silver)

Miniature elven leaf in sterling silver and green enamel. 0.8"/2 cm. With a safety catch. In a decorated jewelry box.*

Evenstar pin (silver)

Sterling silver with 7 crystals. 1.5"/3.5 cm.*

Brooch of Galadriel (Noble)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Noble. Silverplated brooch. 4.5x3.5"/11x8.5 cm. In a gifbox.*

Brooch of Galadriel - silverplated

Supplied in a velvet satchell. 3"/7.5 cm wide, 2"/5 cm high. With a Certificate of Authenticity.*

Brooch of Gandalf the White, silverplated

Made in Italy. 3"/8 cm and supplied in a velvet satchell and a certificate of authenticity. In a decorated box.*

Brooch of Saruman - silverplated

Made in Italy. Silverplated broche with gilded paws and swarovski crystals as eyes. 2.2"/6 cm. Supplied with a velvet satchell and a certificate of authenticity.*

Arwen's brooch - silverplated

3.3"/8.5 cm wide, 2.3"/6 cm high. In a velvet satchell. With a certificate of authenticity.*

One Ring pin - gilded silver

Goldplated silver ring on a pin. 0.5"/1.2 cm in diametre.*

Asha'man Dragon silver pin

From Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time books

The sterling silver brooche is 2"/4 cm.*

Asha'man Dragon gold pin

From Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time books

The 10K gold broche is 2"/4 cm.*

Dedicated Sword pin

From Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time books

The Sword Pin was given to the men of the Black Tower™ who were raised to the level of the Dedicated™, similar to the Aes Sedai™ level of the Accepted™.  The pins were created and originally distributed by Rand al'Thor™, The Dragon Reborn™. 

Each pendant is cast in solid sterling silver and measures approximately 45 mm (2") long by 25.5 mm (1") tall and weighs approximately 5.2 grams.  The back of the sword is textured*