Making money

- partner programme

- Tolkienian gift for a link

- selling Tolkien material to us

If you have a Tolkien website you can join the partner programme of The Tolkien Shop. Make a link with the special code you receive from us and you will get 5% of the value of each order made via that link. And if you use the amount you earned for purchases in the shop we will raise the amount with 25%. You could do just the link or make a whole page with selected items from the shop, which will increase sales through your website tremendously.

Even without participating in the partner programme you could put our banner with link on your website. Let us know that you have done so and you will receive a nice gift from The Tolkien Shop.

And do let us know if you have some items for sale. Single pieces or whole collections, we are always interested and pay top dollar.

Send in all case an email to me at rene(at)