Alfredo P. Alcala, Voltar portfolio

A Visual-Splendor in the Tradition of the Masters

Schanes & Schanes, 1979. Portfolio with 6 b&w prints with heroic barbarians. 12x14"/29x36 cm. In a printed cover. Limited to 1000 numbered copies. This is number 203. The first print is numbered and signed by Alcala. Antiquarian: fine condition.

John Bolton Portfolio

Editions Déesse, 1985

In a printed folder are 6 b&w prints of nude warriors and death. 12x17"/29.5x40 cm. Limited to 888 sets. This is number 728. Antiquarian: fine condition.

Frank Brunner, Flesh & Fantasy portfolio

Middle-earth, 1974

Printed cover with 6 b&w prints of comical nudes. 11x15"/28x37 cm. Limited to 1000 sets. This is number 658. Antiquarian: fine condition.

Clyde Caldwell, Kingdom of Knives portfolio

SQP, 1994

Portfolio with six prints (dragons, semi-nude barbarians). 11x15"/28x36 cm. Limited to 2500 sets. This is number 1164. Signed.*

Crisse, Tarot portfolio

Pegasus, 1995

Large folder with nine prints of his tarot set, including a contact sheet with all the cards. Signed, numbered and limited to 999 sets.

Larry Elmore, Swordsong 2: The Journey Continues portfolio

SQP, 1991

Six fantasyprints in a folder, signed by Elmore. Limited to 2000 sets. This is number 492. 11x14"/28x36 cm.

René Hausman, Ondeugende Vertellingen

Wonderland Productions, 1994

Large hardboard folder with 7 prints, with sexy interpretations of well known fairy tales like The Litte Mermaid and Snowwhite. Signed, numbered and limited to 200 copies.

Alan Lee, The Sword in the Stone print

Glimmer Graphics, 1995

Merlin teaches Arthur in his cluttered study. 14x23"/37.5x57 cm. Signed, numbered and limited to 350 copies.*

Alan Lee, The Book of Merlyn print

Glimmer Graphics, 1995

Merlin at work in his study. Signed, numbered and limited to 350 copies. 14x22"/37.5x57 cm.*

The Art of Rowena Portfolio

S&S, 1983

Illustrated folder containing 6 fantasy prints (dragons, nudes). 9x12"/23x31 cm. Signed, numbered and limited to 2000 sets. This is number 1920.*

William Stout, Dragon Slayers portfolio

S&S, 1979

Portfolio with seven b&w prints, all with dragons. 11/14". Signed, numbered and limited to 1000 sets. This is number 218. Antiquarian: fine condition.

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, Fantastic Fantasies Portfolio

Unicorn, 1993

A folder with 8 prints by Vallejo and his wife Bell. Numbered and signed by both. With a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the publisher. 9x12"/22x30 cm.