of metal

front and back

Lord of the Rings Drink Bottle

Drink bottle, made of aluminium with a plastic top and drinking spout. Contains 0.7 litres.*

A Wizard is Never Late travel mug

Even wizards need to recaffeinate once in a while, which is why we've designed this epic The Lord of the Rings metal travel mug inspired by the beloved character of Gandalf the Grey. The mug features a deep forest green colour scheme, with Gandalf's iconic quote, "A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to" lasered across each side of the mug in easily recogniseable The Lord of the Rings script. The mug features a wipe clean finish as well as a sturdy screw top lid and open drinking hole, making this an ideal gift for busy The Lord of the Rings fans who need to let the world know that they only ever arrive when they mean to.

Dimensions: 350ml - 6"/16 (h) x 3"/8.5 (w) x 2.5"/6.5 (d) cm
Packaging: Swing tag
Composition: Metal*

Thorin's map travel mug (13/8)

This The Hobbit travel mug is the ideal companion for epic adventures! A collaboration with eco-friendly coffee cup brand Huskup, this travel mug is made out of rice husk and is 100% reusable, biodegradable and plastic free. The design features a stylish wraparound design inspired by Thorin Oakenshield's map, which the heroes of The Hobbit used to guide the way to the Lonely Mountain. The black lid and band provide comfort and protection against hot drinks and are made from 100% recyclable silicone. Perfect for those who want to journey through Middle-earth responsibly. Free of BPA, toxins, melamine and plastic.

Dimensions: 400ml - 13.5 (h) x 9.5 (w) x 9.5 (d) cm
Packaging: decorated box
Composition: Rice husk and silicone*