Barad-dûr by John Howe. Weta/Sideshow. SS8603

Framed print, signed by John Howe, Peter Jackson and Richard Taylor (director Weta). Also in the frame a piece of the original The Fellowship of the Ring film showing Barad-dûr. Press a button on the bottom of the frame and the strip is lighted. Limited to 1000 numbered copies. With a Certificate of Authenticity. 30x30"/74x74 cm.*

Witch-king collectible banner

Canvas banner with metal rings, featuring the Witch-king. 30x60"/76x183 cm.*

Dark Rider collectible banner

Canvas banner with metal rings, featuring a ringwraith on steed. 30x60"/76x183 cm.*

Contract of Bilbo handmade prop replica

Weta's The Contract of Bilbo Baggins is quite a remarkable artefact created by the artists of the 3 Foot 7 Art Department in Wellington, New Zealand.

Hand made by calligrapher and artist Daniel Reeve, who made the iconic original contract used in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, this is an absolutely authentic prop replica.

Daniel scans his original script which is then digitally printed onto five separate pieces of high-quality watercolour paper for each contract and then die cut to shape. This is the same paper used in the films.

Daniel explains the choice of paper: "The paper for the Contract is Arches watercolour 185gsm Cold-Pressed. A beautiful paper for calligraphy, with enough tooth to generate skips, texture and character in any pen work. It takes ink and paint beautifully, and can withstand repeated wettings."

Daniel then commences the process of painting the edges of the various sheets and stitching them together by hand, and then fastens the thread with wax seals.

He painstakingly applies every crease and every wrinkle by hand, ageing the paper to achieve an authentic looking prop replica.

Each exquisite 4’7” x 2’2” (141cm x 66cm) piece of art is the work of one man and totally unique.

His craft is indeed a rare one and this is a prop replica the likes of which few have seen.*

Bilbo's Burglar Contract. Weta 2617


A hefty document by any standards, these Conditions of Engagement govern a job that Thorin Oakenshield desperately needs done. An adventurous undertaking judging by the Contract, and adventure is something most hobbits resist.

If Bilbo Baggins returns from this quest alive, he will not be the same hobbit who ran from his front door, having forgotten his pocket handkerchief.

This is a mini version of our full-scale prop replica, made to the same quality with hand-stitching and wax seals. It comes packaged nicely folded up in a display boy fit for your shelf.*