Twilight Witch-king Legendary Scale bust. SS9223

Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents this fantastic new addition to The Lord of the Rings Legendary Scale Bust series. The Witch-king has been expertly sculpted to capture every detail of the ghostly minion of Sauron. Hand-cast of the highest quality polystone, each bust is hand-painted and individually numbered. The Witch-king Legendary Scale bust is the perfect addition to your The Lord of the Rings collection. 15"/38 cm high. Limited to 600 numbered copies.*

Gandalf the Grey. SS94001

The first in the series of The Lord of the Rings busts, issued in 2001. Mint in box.*

Aragorn, Son of Arathorn. SS9404

One of the first busts released by Weta/Sideshow in 2001. These were not limited, but never remade and long out-of-print. Mint in box.*

Orc Overseer. SS9406

7"/17 cm. Not limited, but no longer in production.*

Boromir, Son of Denethor. SS9408

Weta/Sideshow, 2001. 8"/20 cm. Antiquarian: mint in box.*

Gimli, Son of Gloin bust. SS9409

Weta/Sideshow, 2001. 6"/17 cm. Antiquarian: Mint in box.*

Arwen Evenstar. SS9410

Not limited, but sold out with the manufacturer. Antiquarian: mint in box.*

Samwise Gamgee. SS9412

7"/17 cm. Not limited, but no longer in production.*

Wounded Orc. SS9421


Limited to 1500 pieces.*

Ringwraith. SS9424

Not limited, but no longer in production.*

Gil-galad, High-Elven King. SS9426

Limited to 2000 pieces.*

Elendil, King of Men. SS9428

Limited to 2000 copies.*

Legolas Greenleaf bust. SS9429

Limited to 3000 pieces. This is number 447. Mint in box (box itself has some dents to the corners).*

Prince Isildur. SS9431

Limited to 2000 pieces.*

Elrond, Gil-galad's Herald. SS9432

Limited to 2000 pieces.*

Cave Troll bust. SS9435

Weta/Sideshow, 2002. 11"/28 cm. Limited to 10.000 pieces.*

Gríma Wormtongue. SS9437

Limited to 2000 pieces.*

Galadhrim Soldier. SS9439

Weta/Sideshow, 2003. Limited to 2000 pieces. This is number 1118. Mint in box.*

Uruk-hai Berserker. SS9441

Released in 2003. 9"/23 cm high. Limited to 2000 copies. This is number 494.*

Uruk-hai Swordsman. SS9442

Issued in 2003. 9"/22 cm high. Limited to 2000 numbered copies. This is number 1074.*

Sméagol. SS9444

7"/17 cm. Limited.*

Éomer. SS9445

8"/20 cm. Limited to 2000 pieces.*

Gandalf the White. SS9446

Bust of Gandalf the White, issued in 2003. 8"/21 cm high. Limited to 2000 numbered copies.*

Treebeard. SS9447

The Two Towers
Released in 2004. Heigth: 18"/45 cm. Limited to 1500 pieces. This is number 991. Antiquarian: mint in box.*

Gollum. SS9448

13"/32 cm. Limited to 1500 pieces.*

Mouth of Sauron. SS9449

Limited to 4000 pieces.*

Attack Troll bust. SS9451

Limited to 3000 pieces.*

Catapult Troll bust. SS9452

Limited to 3000 pieces.*

Siege Tower Troll bust. SS9453

Limited to 3000 pieces.*

Grond Troll bust. SS9454

Limited to 3000 pieces.*

Fell Beast bust. Weta1917


During the War of the Ring, Sauron's Ringwraiths took to the air to scour Middle-earth for the bearer of the One. Borne upon ancient, nameless beasts, fell and terrible, the Nazgûl ranged far and freely, their cries rending the air and striking fear into the hearts of men.

When battle came, the Wraiths drove their bat-winged mounts into their enemies' ranks, crushing armour and shattering lines. Soldiers they plucked from battlements, hurling them to their deaths, and horse and rider alike they fed to their beasts upon the blood-soaked field of battle.

The Fell Beast Bust can either stand on a flat surface or hang on the wall. Just loosen the bolt, turn its head 180 degrees on its base and fasten the bolt again.

The Fell Beast comes with a removable helm.

Edition size: 750

Dimensions: 50 x 46 x 30,5 cm*

Balrog bust. Weta 2636


Two decades after he helped design fell creatures for The Lord of the Rings, Weta Workshop sculptor Jamie Beswarick revisited the Balrog, this time capturing the unfathomable terror as a highly detailed polystone and resin bust. The Balrog's snarling visage was created using the same traditional physical sculpting techniques honed on the trilogy.

When illuminated, the Balrog is truly a demon composed of shadow and dancing flame. The Flame of Udûn joins Weta Workshop's line of creature busts that can be wall-mounted or displayed on an accompanying stand. This collection of fantasy film art is the work of nightmares.

The Balrog bust can either stand on a flat surface or hang on the wall. Just loosen the bolt, turn its head 180 degrees on its base and fasten the bolt again.

This Limited Edition bust of 888 is made from high-quality polystone and resin, and features unique LED lighting to create an illuminated flame effect. Set your Balrog ablaze using the accompanying USB cable (wall charger not included).

Dimensions: 28 x 49 x 30 cm.*